AVSARM 3rdArm - Video-Endoscopic Retracting Arm

The use of video-endoscopy in aesthetic surgery is generally for diagnosis and documentation purposes and has been introduced in subcutaneous surgery in a limited way from time to time. The widespread use of this system in daily use has naturally been prevented due to the difficulty of keeping up with the surgical field and the additional costs it creates. Despite these obstacles, its ability to be used in high-level surgical methods has always been curious and supported by surgeons.

Considering the advantages of video-endoscopy, the application of this method in suitable plastic surgery areas is discussed in this study. The ability to enlarge and focus the surgical field, the ease of access to the areas away from the surgical entry point, the superior bleeding control capability, the ability to help the surgeon's healthy posture, documentation and use in training are among those that require the application of this method.

In order to use the video-endoscopy method easily in plastic surgery, three main focuses are specified in this study: flexible video-endoscope system; tissue lifter and retention retractor; mobile tool carrying surgical arm. The tool carrying the arm is a freely movable mechanical structure in the operating room, focusing the flexible video-endoscope on the surgical field through the retractor. The design details of this system, which has various retractor designs for use in aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty, endoscopic upper and mid-face lift, breast augmentation under the armpit and butt enlargement with prosthesis.