Fat Makeup is carried out with patented Avsar tapering cannula developed by Yakup Avşar. This cannulas is tapered to the tip and the hole in the tip is so small that make it a micro-cannula. The fatty tissue is tapered when advancing in the cannula and is gently injected from the tip of the cannula. The injection pattern is so smooth with this cannula and undesirable protrusions do not form in the area where the fat is given. The fat tissue can easily be dispersed in the layers of the recipient area, so the engagement and supply of the injected fat tissue is excellent. Multiple surgery sessions can be reduced by this cannula.



Easy Fat Transfer
Fat makeup can be applied to every region of the body including face, neck, breast, buttocks, hips, legs, knees, hands and décolletage.
The fat can be taken out from any excess fat area in the body like belly, belt, legs and knees using fine cannulas without any scar.
Derived fat tissue is then processed to the stem-cell-enriched injectable fat tissue and it is now ready to be injected to the recipient area with Avsar tapering cannula.
The procedure takes about 30 minutes on average and can be performed under local or general anesthesia.